Micro Finance Awareness Program For Police Families Conducted at Noklak

Micro Finance Awareness Program For Police Families conducted at Noklak

Kohima, October 29 (NEx): SBI Noklak gave awareness to Police Jawans and their families on Microfinance- insurance, savings, system of loans, investment schemes, economical methodologies, bank account openings and guidance for SHGs microcredit schemes on October 28, 2020.

Police service has many risks involved in the nature of the job and when the soul earner of any family dies, the whole family suffers. Therefore, to secure their future, two initiatives were taken up by Noklak Police:

*Micro Finance Awareness

*Training on Farming

At the program for Micro Finance Awareness, the Invocation was read by Chaplin Muno, Police Baptist Fellowship and UBSI Mongthei Khiamnungan was the Chairperson.

The SP Noklak in her speech gave awareness regarding saving and investment culture in police jawans and their families and ways to get loans from proper banking systems, since many get trapped with very high interest rates from private lenders or from agents.

Adding that better knowledge of banking has more benefit, she said that constables and lower ranks in police have very less salary for which they may find difficulty if their children want to pursue higher studies or sometimes if ever there is a medical emergency in family, the saving and investment culture will be making families more secure and better awareness regarding Microfinance will help in managing all these.

Manager SBI Noklak Mr. Neikhoto briefed regarding all the schemes of the bank for investment like mutual funds SIP, insurance like PMJJY, APY, PMJJYB and many others. He also briefed about benefits of microcredit to SHGs made from the police family welfare society. He explained many case studies in the questions and answers round. He emphasized that if any agent take illegal money as middle man then strict action will be taken against those persons and will make Noklak as role model for free and transparent banking systems.
Session concluded with a benediction by Chaplain.

Later, another seminar was organized for police jawans and their families to provide them seeds of veggies, guava plants and training for farming and value addition in collaboration with CIH Dimapur, which will lead to enhanced income and self sufficiency and empowerment of police families.