More organisations condemn the incident of March 22nd at Lamhainamdi village

Many more condemn the incident of March 22nd at Lamhainamdi village

Peren, March 26 (NEx): More organisations continue to condemn the March 22nd incident where three innocent villagers were brutally murdered and properties destroyed by unknown miscreants at Lamhainamdi village under Peren district.


The Nationalist Democratic People’s Party (NDPP) condemning the incident called it alarming that people have chosen to take the law into their own hands and resorted to cold-blooded killings, instead of approaching the administration and law enforcing agencies to adjudicate disputes and misunderstandings.

The party urged the Law enforcing agencies and Government of the day to bring the culprits to book without delay and restore supremacy of the law so that citizens can live without fear in their own land.

Further, the NDPP urged all right-thinking people to refrain from giving a communal touch to the ugly incident and to let the perpetrators of this barbaric deed, be brought to justice at the earliest so that justice reigns supreme.

It also called all Nagas to rise above smaller divisions and work towards real Naga unity. Only then can we move forward towards realising our aspirations, it said.


The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) in its condemnation statement said that the return of barbaric and savage culture, reflected in the recent flare up at Lamhainamdi, Peren District, Nagaland is perceived to be a threat and challenge to Zeliangrong people.

It said that the brutal massacre of 3(three) Zeliangrong civilians, demolition of dwelling houses and burning down of vehicles at broad daylight is a direct challenge provoking the people to counter action and urged the Government and all civic citizens to voice out justice in action and understand that any intervention must be equally measured, not only sweet sounding comforts and condolence to the victims of brutality but action against the criminals with befitting lessons, so that society may be kept in balanced and peace for all be realized.

The front demands that the cost and price of lives lost in the hands of criminals and terrorists must be recompensed with maximum penalty as lessons for perpetrators and violators of Human Rights.

ZUF further stated, ‘Human Rights demands that defence of any human person and properties is justice, and the just right to self determination of Zeliangrong people to defend, preserve and protect the people, land and its resources that lies within the ancestral land of the Zeliangrong people shall be ascertained at all cost’.


Meanwhile, Zeliangrong Students’ Union Bangalore (ZSUB) strongly condemned the inhuman violent act where the lives of Zeliang brethren were lost, and properties destroyed in broad daylight and stated that the violent barbaric act was abhorrent to us all.

The Union demand justice and requested the law enforcing agencies and the state government to probe into the matter and take sincere actions.

ZSUB vehemently appealed the leaders to take prompt actions with utmost care and in peaceful manner and also appealed to all Naga citizens to refrain from painting a communal picture of the unfortunate incident, and to shun all violence.

The NDPP, ZUF and ZSUB conveyed heartfelt condolences to the members of the bereaved families and the village and Zeliangrong people.