Macnivil’s Latest Music Video “Ura Uvie” Released

Macnivil's Latest Music Video “Ura Uvie” Released

Kohima, September 21 (NEx): Naga artist, Macnivil released his latest music video “Ura Uvie” on Sunday, September 20, 2020.

A press release informed that the desire to come up with something like “Ura Uvie” a term which was coined by the legendary Naga Leader AZ Phizo didn’t just happen overnight. It was an eagerness long thought from his teen years and things started heading towards the right direction once Macnivil started working on his debut album by the same name.

The artist who is currently signed with Naga Twist Production got the green signal by its CEO, Hriyiio Paul and thus work for the music video began. It is rare to see local Naga artist touching on vulnerable topics but that didn’t bother the team from going ahead with the project, it added.

Although, it addresses issues that many may consider as sensitive including the political turmoil and status quo which affects the state of affairs of Naga people. At the end of the day the truth needs to be spoken and a logical conclusion brought about. It is also a tribute to all ordeals our people have been through, the artist stated.