Look East to Far East: Can Nagaland and the North East India grab the running bus?

Our Bureau:
Dimapur, October 18, (NE): Through a breaking news, a website, which works on behalf particularly of Far East Asia, like Japan, has brought an interesting information that will create a new history, if it can be fully implemented with a strong zeal, by the Governments, both from the central and the respective states in North East India.

Here is the thing:

The far east countries wish to partner with a huge population country like India. But similarities of many are crucial when it’s about investments. Likewise, the Northeast India has come out in a golden chance, if taken seriously, both by the government & private endeavours in terms of business and others.

It is about millions of amount to pump in, if one can only grab the opportunity. The Look East policy under Government of India is only through the North East corridor. Are the real youths, from Nagaland and the North East region ready to take the lead with support from the government is equally mysterious for ages to come. It will be a fact that the people from outside this region will take much – though many things have already written good for Mongolian race of the North East India.

It is sixty percent work to be carried by the required government of the day, the rest of thirty percent by North East people and the remaining ten percent by others.

But practically, this will be again ninety percent by outside of North East and the remaining only will be adjusted by the government and the indigenous North East India citizens. This could be due to number of reasons, which needs to ponder every day from now.

Coming back for Nagaland, the indigenous can take the most benefit if the real zeal is ready from one’s heart, only to take the deal upto five percents. That too, is a lot as it is concerned internationally and not meant in any local capacities, a source said.

The indigenous people from Nagaland, however ready to go from the present comfort zones and learn the basics to take the lead. And the world is ever ready to touch the ground.

The bus for every one is late; but it is an endeavour to join from the next station, only if willingness is there, then it is possible for peace and real development to come back in Nagaland.

It is pertinent to note that industries like music and bamboo in Nagaland can be benefited at large by entrepreneurs including Government of Nagaland. It is however, time to push up with few simple steps as already a good amount has been spend yearly. Just that viabilities must be created, a source close to government said on anomysity with NagalandExpress.

(Source: Asian Community News)