Life a battle of survival: A young girl of class one sells veggies to support study

Our Bureau,

Dimapur, January 25 (NE): Life is not easy and fair with everyone, while some enjoys it without knowing the hardship, here is a little girl, Apang Konyak, a class one student, working hard to find her living and school fees under the scorching sun and dust in Dimapur. As Nagaland celebrates ‘National Girl Child Day 2020’ along with the nation on January 24, 2020 – here is a story of a brave little girl from Nagaland.

While other children of her age would be playing, a little girl- Apang Konyak, student of Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS) Dimapur, sells Vegetables/green leaves near SBI Bank, supermarket traffic point, Dimapur for her school fees. She lives with a relative in Dimapur and her parents are in Mon district and she have four siblings.

With a cute smile on her face, may be to hide the challenges and hardship she go through in life, Apang was seen very busy talking to buyers and happily answering all the questions and sometimes even going through hard bargaining to sell all her leaves soon and go back home before it gets dark.

NagalandExpress shares her story because it was hard to see how people negotiate and bargain even with a small girl. A concerned senior vegetable seller told, ‘when people goes to big mall and big shops they pay the exact price which is printed or written, but with us the story is different. Some times we sell without any profit because if we do not sell it off today then all these goes bad by next day and we will be in loss’ – unquote.

She is one among the many girls who is battling for a better future at an age that hardly understands the meaning of life. Perhaps her story should inspire the youths of the state.

Meanwhile, NagalandExpress (NE) has also initiated ‘A Social Media (SM) Appreciation Campaign’, to appreciate the contributions made by individuals for a better Nagaland – ‘unseen real heroes of our land’. NE expresses gratitude to our co-supporter on this journey – DXN Nagaland

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