Launching a book on collection of poems today at Dimapur

Dimapur, November 23 (NE): A new book by name “From the ink of an Incarcerated wing” is being launched today at Dimapur on November Twenty three with Deputy Commandant, 13th NAP IR Bn., Nagaland, Smti Y. Ruth Murry as special invitee to launch the said book on behalf of the author and the publication house at The White Hall, which is a launching venue under Dimapur Publication House, Dimapur. Adeline (Inatoli Aomi) is the author of the new book – a collection of poems.

In a short speech, the special invitee thanked both the author and the publication house for coming up with such a beautiful book in the form of poems collection. She said it is her first launching of a book; she is very new in poems – but appreciates it as an art. She wishes success to the teams – including the author and publication house in the endeavor.

Meanwhile, Miss Adeline is a nursing tutor, which made her come up with such a book of late due to being in different profession. She said, she is into writing poems since childhood, which is supported fully by her family members including friends and welwishers through out her life. It is her first launching of a book being published now under a publisher. She loves anything prose – sickness, nature and creating negative into positive, which she said will be found in her new book.

Adeline emphasized a reader to buy her book and read them, which she promised will touch every one’s heart in different ways. Thus, the book will suit in personal need – to be encouraged in times of need. She wants to call herself as an upcoming poet – through her poems for every occasion.

The book currently will be available in the office located at Signal Basti Road, Dimapur with a reasonable price tag, besides other places.

Invocation, welcome address, publisher’s note, vote of thanks and benediction were the highlights of the program.