Last Date is November 25 for booking seat on Dimapur Night Carnivals 2019

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, November 22 (NE): With an ever becoming popular trend of Dimapur Night Carnivals 2019 – hosting in the month of December, the last date for booking a stall is November twenty five.

The Carnival, which started off simple, now in its many years with increasing number of shops at the heart of Dimapur city – tells us that the game is on. One will only lose, if not coming and witness the event of the year. It is very hard to have such programs in the other months.

Nevertheless, witnessing both as a stall owner or a mere spectator will bring memories to come.

Such other carnivals will also be held in December in different locations. And it is pertinent to note that whatever situations – be with children or with the friends, one will only enjoy the season.