Land Resources Dept. Distributes Coffee, Rubber Machines

Dimapur, May 05 (NEx): Land Resources Department, Government of Nagaland distributed rubber roller machines to 65 beneficiaries and coffee pulping machines to 25 beneficiaries ( 100%subsidy) on May 4th, 2021, in the presence of special guest, ADC Dimapur, Atokhe Aye.

The machines were given to help the farmers become successful by utilising the machineries judiciously, and to stand on their own feet.

The special guest reminded the farmers that the department of Land Resources was a department which invests for the farmers and encouraged them to avail the facility and to make good remark/ record so that they could avail the facilities and advantages in future too.

Atokhe also impressed upon the gathering for creating awareness and educating the people in their locality/ villages for maintaining appropriate Covid behaviors.

DPO Dimapur, I. Acato Chishi while reminding the beneficiaries for judicious use of machineries provided by the Government, cautioned that GPS tracking for machines installed would be undertaken and advised the beneficiaries not to rent out the machineries provided by the Government for promoting the farmers. He further said that preference and priority would be accorded to the sincere and dedicated farmers in future.

Highlights of the program included demonstration of coffee pulper and rubber roller machine by Kimiyekato Shohe while vote of thanks was proposed by A I, Aoyanger.

(With inputs from DIPR)

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