Land Resources Dept. conducts training on cultivation and post harvest management of coffee in Noklak

(Special guest Dr. Pritpal Kaur, SP Noklak speaking during the coffee management training at Noklak on April 6th, 2021

Kohima, April 06 (NEx): Training on cultivation practices and post harvest management of coffee was conducted at Noklak, on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 by Land Resources Department Tuensang with Dr. Pritpal kaur IPS, SP Noklak as the special guest.

The Special guest stated that farmers of Noklak are very hard working and the only thing required now is technical knowledge and scientific ways of agriculture. She mentioned that it was Baba Budan who brought coffee to India at Karnataka, after which south India and Northeast India is doing extremely well in Coffee plantation. She asked all farmers to work as a team and informed that they can later get registered at coffee board of India.

The SP stated that rural economy can be uplifted if we are self sufficient and also produce for market and encouraged the youth, who dropout from school and have less avenues for employment, to take up scientific farming and be self employed. She asked all the farmers to make up teams to work in coordination and have proper division of labour so that market linkages can also be explored. She also asked them to continue organic farming and prevent pest infestations by local preventive methodologies.

Many villages in Noklak are doing coffee plantation and for harvesting, the land resources department Tuensang provided two machines for Noklak farmers today. Arabica and Robusta varieties are cultivated in Noklak organically and hence Noklak can lead in production of organic coffee production in Nagaland or Northeast India.

The training program was chaired by Amos Khiam A/I, Dept of Land Resources Tuensang who stated that Govt. of India and Coffee board of India are taking new initiatives to improve Coffee plantation in the Northeast belt of India. He motivated farmers to learn new technologies to improve production efficiency.

Meanwhile, the invocation was read by Rev. M. Aimong Pastor, Baptist Church Thang and Mr. Puso Thai A/I , Dept of Land Resources Tuensang gave the welcome address and read all the names of farmers who attended the seminar cum technical training of coffee plantation. Two to three farmers came from almost every village of Noklak to become master trainers who will go back and train their farmers at their respective villages for coffee plantation.

Further, the vote of thanks was read by Mr Sipong who stated that Noklak farmers have a lot of potential and with this technical training, efficiency of production will be increased immensely. He also gave a demonstration of the use of the machines.

Later, Local made coffee in bamboo made coffee crusher was served to everyone who attended the program.

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