Lamhainamdi Village Council Condemns The Abduction Of Villagers By NSCN (U)

Lamhainamdi Village Council Condemns The Abduction Of Villagers By NSCN (U)

Peren, March 07 (NEx): Two villagers of Lamhainamdi Village, Peren district and one auto driver were reportedly abducted forcefully on March 2nd, 2021 from Lamhainamdi village by NSCN (Unification).

The Village Council Lamhainamdi in a press release today called it an unlawful and condemmed the activity of NSCN (Unification) where two of its villagers and one auto driver were forcefully abducted on the afternoon of March 2nd, 2021 from Lamhainamdi village on the pretext that they were engaged in stealing of woods.

The village council said that it is unbecoming on the part of a National Political Group to throw false allegation on innocent villagers and hold them captive at their camp without any justification.

Citing the incident, the council said that on the fateful day, Mr. Peicisap and Mr. Gwangkiang hired an auto to Lamhainamdi village for clearing their plot. However, without any provocation they were threatened and abducted and taken to Khehoi camp. Even after verbal assurance through the intervention of Civil Societies, the victims have not been released yet, it said.

The village council mentioned that the Unification group was looked up upon to work for the interest of all the Nagas but this very incident has demeaned the stature of the group and also said that it could not comprehend the wisdom of this National Political Group on how it could stoop so low to meddle itself in such village issue, that too, with false accusation.

The Council fervently appealed the group to release the three innocent villagers without any condition in order to prevent any further misunderstanding in the future and also called upon all right thinking citizens of the state to condemn such high handedness by any national Political Groups to prevent them from involving in activity which is not of National interest.