KVC proposes immediate ‘Total Lockdown’ in Kohima

KVC proposes immediate 'Total Lockdown' in Kohima

Kohima, May 10 (NEx): On the backdrop of serious surge in COVID-19 positive cases in the State, especially in Kohima and Dimapur and to break the chain of spreading the disease, the Kohima Village Council (KVC) on Monday, proposed for immediate ‘Total Lockdown’ in Kohima and Dimapur districts.

The KVC in a proposal addressed to the Convenor and Deputy Commissioner of Kohima, stated, ‘We are all well aware that, our government and all stakeholders in this pandemic are at a war footing, to contain this deadly disease. But to our total surprise and concern, the rate of increase of Covid positive cases in our state, specially Kohima & Dimapur is creeping up in the graph of the daily bulletin which is a concern to everyone.

KVC also stated that immense community spreading is happening, and random testing is proving that, instead of the disease being contained, it is alarmingly increasing day by day.

Expressing its opinion, KVC said that in order to break the chain of spreading the disease, the best remedy at this juncture is to go for immediate “Total lockdown” and confine the citizens to safety.

Further, KVC requested Convenor and Deputy Commissioner of Kohima to ponder on this serious issue and immediately give the authority’s permission and declare a “Total Lockdown” in Kohima to save valuable life.