Kohima Zeme Lamsimngyi 2019 to be celebrated on October 31, 2019

Kohima, October 29 (NE): Zeme Council Kohima, Nagaland is organising Kohima Zeme Lamsimngyi 2019 at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama on October 31, 2019 at 12:00 noon.

Lamsimngyi is a festival of harvest celebrated by the Zeme Nagas where they show love and care for each other by sharing their specially prepared traditional dishes to their near and dear ones, friends and family as a whole.

On the first day, the 30th October, the people prepare for the festival by butchering meat and preparing different dishes for the next day which is the feasting day.

The second day, 31st October marks the real feasting. The people gather and perform folk dances and songs, play matches of Naga wrestling between wrestlers and even long jumps are played. In a village scenario, the whole village gather and celebrate the day with each other with different cultural activities.

For the Kohima Zemes, the Zeme Council Kohima, Nagaland has charted the festival day as follows:
Mr. Mitwatei Haibwang will lead the event as chairperson, Mr. Pauleu Liegise will lead the invocation prayer, Lamsimngyi greetings by Mr. Heirangying Lungalang.

There will be folk songs, cultural dances, wrestling which will be followed by Lamsimngyi feast.

Chaga Gadi is an annual post harvest festival, which is described to be among the most awaited festivals of the Liangmai Nagas.

The festival is celebrated to invoke the Almighty’s blessings, with pageantry of colours and feats of cultural showcase in all the villages, towns and cities where Zeliangs reside.

The Chaga Gadi and the Lamsimngyi is celebrated on the same day of the year by the Liangmai Nagas and Zeme Nagas respectively.

Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio tweeted, Greetings to Liangmai and Zeliang community on the occasion of Chaga Gadi and Lamsimngyi festival. May it be celebrated in spirit of love and respect for each other; foster peace and harmony among all sections of the people.