Kohima Smart City Advisory Forum holds meeting

Kohima, March 18 (NE): The Kohima Smart City Advisory Forum meeting was held on March 18, 2020 in the Kohima Smart City Office which was also attended by Dr. Nicky Kire, the Advisor for Municipal Affairs and Urban Development Department and Mr. Kesonyu Yhome, Secretary Finance & Chairman of Kohima Smart City SPV, who are both Advisors to the Forum.

The members were briefed about the latest progress on the projects under implementation and the upcoming projects. Inputs and observations were given by the members on the importance of timely completion of the projects. On the Pan City projects like the Urban Mobility the members suggested that some Out of the Box ideas and designs can be explored for Parking issues. Also on the Mobility aspect, concerns on Traffic Jams, and Public Transport were raised. Suggestions were given for smaller Buses or Medium sized Vehicles for Public transportation.

On the issue of Monthly SCAF meetings as recommended by the Ministry, some members opined that though it will improve co-ordination and collaboration, it will also depend on the number of projects being implemented. Considering the different priorities of the members, it was felt that regular quarterly meetings may suffice and any exigent meeting can be called as and when necessary. It was also informed by the KSCDL team that the office is in the process of designing a Dashboard where SCAF members as well as public can check the status and progress of the projects.

The Kohima Smart City Advisory Forum was constituted through a government Notification on April 24, 2018 to advise and enable collaboration among various stakeholders including the District Collector, Elected Representatives, Local Youths, Technical Experts, Civil Bodies (NGOs), Women NGOs, Chamber of Commerce, etc and meetings are being conducted at regular intervals. Apart from the government officials and the elected representatives, the forum members include the Presidents of APO, AYO, AWO, KVC, KVYO, AKMWP and KCCI.