Kohima; Several offices & residences sealed

Kohima; Several offices & residences sealed after detection of COVID-19 positive person

Kohima, August 18 (NEx): Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Lithrongla Tongpi Rutsa, NCS on Monday notified on the sealing of several offices in Kohima for 48 hours and residences as per SOP, following the detection of COVID-19 positive person (s);

ADC Kohima stated that, as per the SOP on preventive measures to contain the Spread of COVID-19 in offices issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Directorate General of Health Services (EMR Division), Government of India, June 04 2020, the under mentioned offices have been sealed for 48 hours with effect from August 17, 2020:

(1) Central Block, Nagaland Civil Secretariat, (2) Directorate of Social Welfare, (3) Department of Social Welfare, Nagaland Civil Secretariat, (4) Department of Under Developed Areas, Nagaland Civil Secretariat, (5) Gate No. II, Nagaland Civil Secretariat

The fumigation and disinfection of the Office premises is being initiated, following all health safety measures and SOPs of the Government, it added.

The proposed Sealed Area is mapped and cordoned off and the public and all concerned are advised to follow all safety precautions of wearing masks all the time, frequently washing hands and maintain social/physical distances to ensure public hygiene and personal safety within the proximity of the sealed Area.

Several areas demarcated as ‘Sealed Area’;

ADC Kohima further notified that in view of the detection of COVID-19 positive cases of persons residing at Seikhazou Colony, Upper Bayavü Colony, Middle PWD Colony, Upper Forest Colony, Lerie Colony, Naga Bazaar Colony, Zienuobadze (High school) Colony, Meriema, T-Khel Model Village, Lower Chandmari Colony, Lower Forest Colony, New Minister’s Hill, I.G Colony Sector-4, New Police Reserve, Lower P.R Hill, Old Minister’s Hill and Officer’s Hill, the areas defined below are demarcated as SEALED AREA in order to contain the spread of the disease/infection and for necessary contact tracing.

Following areas have been demarcated as Sealed Area on Saturday, August 15, 2020;

(1) House No. 334, Seikhazou Colony, below GHS, Kohima, (2) House No. IV 2/F-D/2, Upper Bayavü Colony, Kohima, (3) House No. 121, Middle PWD Colony, Kohima, (4) House No. 232 (Govt. Quarter), Upper Forest Colony, Kohima, (5) Jubilee Memorial Centre, Lerie Colony, Kohima

On Sunday, August 16, 2020 the following areas have been demarcated as Sealed Area;

(1) House No. NB-SH1-29, Naga Bazaar Colony, Kohima, (2) House No. 421, Zienuobadze (High school) Colony, Kohima, (3) House after crossing Mahindra, Showroom and before reaching Meriema CCC Meriema, Kohima, (4) House near GPS, T-Khel Model Village, Kohima, (5) House No.338, Lower Chandmari Colony, Kohima, (6) House No. 76 A, Lower Forest Colony, Kohima, (7) House No. 8 and 127, New Minister’s Hill, Kohima, (8) House No. 69, I.G Colony Seetor-4, New Police Reserve, Kohima, (9) House No. 79, Lower P.R Hill, Kohima, (10) House No. 12, Old Minister’s Hill, Kohima, (11) House Guard Quarter, Officer’s Hill, Kohima

All movement of person/vehicles within the defined Sealed Area is strictly restricted/prohibited and under active surveillance with effect from the Date of sealing, ADC Kohima informed.