Kohima: Keziekie Containment Zone lifted

Kohima: Keziekie Containment Zone lifted

Kohima, July 24 (NEx): Deputy Commissioner Kohima, Gregory Thejawelie, NCS, informed that in view of the detection of COVID-19 Positive person at Keziekie Colony Kohima, Municipal Ward No. 3 was declared/demarcated as a Containment Zone vide Notification on July 8th, 2020, whereby various restrictions were imposed to contain the spread of disease/infection and the zone/area was kept under strict and active Medical surveillance and movement within the zone was restricted/ prohibited to the public.

Accordingly, contact tracing of the COVID-19 positive person was carried out by the CMO Co-ordination Team led by District Surveillance Officer and Epidemiologist Kohima and all the primary and secondary contacts were identified and tested for COVID-19 and found to be COVID negative.

In total, 232 households were visited and 216 contacts were traced, out of which 5 were High Risk Contacts and 211 were Low Risk Contacts.

Therefore, as per the Advisory/guidelines of the Medical Department and since all contact tracing is completed and tested the Containment Zone notified on 8th July 2020 has been lifted and declared that all normal activities at Keziekie Colony Kohima, Municipal Ward No. 3 is allowed to resume henceforth, as per various SOPs of the Government which is still enforced.