Joint Statement on Naga Peace Process raised in the 42nd UN Human Rights Council at Geneva

Dimapur, September 19 (NE): Joint statement by the international committee for the indigenous peoples of the Americas, Asia indigenous people’s pact and Naga women Union on the Naga Peace process read by Ms. Atina Pamei Gaare in the 42nd United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva on 18th September 2019.

An extract of the speech:

The government of India and Naga socialist council of Nagalim have been engaged in peace talks for the last 22 years . We are concerned that serious differences has risen between them and that the hard earned peace process is at the risk of getting derailed. We fear for recurrence of violent conflict in the indigenous Naga homeland and the adjoining areas of North East India. It is with urgency that we call on the international community and in particular the UN human rights council for intervention to the indo-naga peace process to bring back the talks back on track and for insuring an honourable political solution based on the principles of human rights and democratic values. Further we recommend the UN human rights council to ask the govt of India to honour it’s commitment made to the nagas and also honour the framework agreement of august 2015 signed between govt of India and NSCN(IM) in the presence of the prime minister of India.

To call upon the govt of India to welcome third neutral parties including the UN bodies to ascertain facts on the ground, provide expert advice and aid in bringing an honourable lasting solution to the Naga political issues.

To send a human rights delegation including the special reporter on the rights of indigenous peoples and mandate holders of expert mechanism on the rights of indigenous peoples.