Job opportunities in Nagaland this January: An overview

Dimapur, January 27 (NE): Nagaland has got varied opportunities if it is about job, besides government jobs. Nagas in particular are very crazed if it is about job in Government sectors; But the best formula that NagalandExpress through research has found is of backdoor – perhaps called nepotism, if one agrees.

That’s another point to bring out as a professionally organized news team of NagalandExpress so as the youth can rethink during this weekend at home. The current topic to share is of a fact where countless schools and colleges has been setup here at Nagaland, which gives an opportunity in taking care as long as student communities are concerned.

Since last year, 2019 the vacancy post were advertised in major newspapers including tabloids of Nagaland, unabated. Most of the ads were about such vacancies in different parts of Nagaland. If one is ready to serve with a real willing heart – every one will be benefited. Yet, in most cases it is very different. The advertisement on job vacancy for teaching continues. Few will be appearing the said interviews for sure, one would prepare the best.

But, according to an information received here, it is very different – take a ratio, of the Government including those in private schools and colleges – is it justifiable? The truth is something is seriously wrong, which no organizations & individuals going to do anything about it. Here, one may not just talk about money, which is salary for many and profit for others. The truth is still hidden.

The fact will not be opened as the society is busy in something else, needless to say. The other fact that can be shared is that fortunate children from Nagaland are busy studying outside Nagaland & North East India. Including fortunate youths working in teaching sectors beyond Nagaland for quite a long time.

Coming days, the educated eligible youths will have a chance to apply in various schools and colleges of Nagaland as job vacancies will be published by then.