Jio TV giving LIVE program among others: A report on current Hornbill Festival 2019

Dimapur, December 2 (NE): Come to Hornbill Festival 2019 at Kisama heritage village, Kohima district till December ten and witness the LIVE coverage of the whole event on TV.

For quite a few years, big private companies from different parts of India has got the attention to be part of the show in any capacities. Here’s one from the many – Reliance Jio, among others that has caught attention by storm to various concerned public from different corners of the land – especially for those who cannot take part this year, in any capacities. The Jio TV, with it’s best facilities, one can enjoy in his or her convenient time is an added bonus.

The companies including various Government bodies have the golden opportunity to harness the best – what a small state like Nagaland can give to the World for myriad of reasons.

It is also a golden time for Government of Nagaland including others to welcome the guest as well benefit from the contacts that the visitors are going to give for long-term relationship, among others.

It is a privilege for both the parties, eventually because the dream of Act East is happening any how to Nagaland and North East India for sure.

It is a matter of time that all will come in a common platform to deliver the best for the public in the end. And, it is also the right time now to pursue one’s dream as this is the season to even recover the loss that might occur in other times.

Meanwhile, the Government has recently revealed that there will be free wi-fi facility available for the next three months at Kohima. One can use that facility as possible. However, one must know the timings to use that facility.

It is pertinent to note that all business including industries will have ample opportunity to come up in the market through such platforms like Hornbill Festival being created by Government of Nagaland for one and all.