JCPI says cut-off date for Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland should be 1st December 1963

Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland

Against the backdrop of the Nagaland government’s decision to set up a Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland, RIIN the Joint Committee on Prevention of Illegal Immigration, JCPI yesterday (July 5) resolved that December 1, 1963 should be the cut out year for preparing the RIIN.

The decision was taken during a meeting with all the apex tribal bodies of Nagaland including indigenous inhabitants from Karbi, Kachari, Garo, Gorkha and Kuki tribes.

The committee resolved that December 1, 1963 should be the cut off year for all indigenous Inhabitants other than the recognized Naga tribes of Nagaland as per the Government notification of 1977 for preparing the list of all indigenous peoples, said convenor K Ghokheto Chophy in a statement.

The apex tribal bodies along with their village councils and gaonboras be given responsibility to carry out this survey under their respective jurisdictions as per their customary practices.

JCPI said, in case of verification for any Naga indigenous tribes of Nagaland, their native village will have the final say. The committee asked the enumerators to be vigilant while conducting survey and ensure that people of doubtful origin are not registered as indigenous.

Meanwhile, JCPI also resolved to extend full cooperation to the authorised implementing agencies in this regard.

It may be recalled that the committee had also categorically demanded that RIIN “must be only for Nagas by blood.”

The Nagaland government’s decision to draw up a register of indigenous inhabitants has evoked mixed response from civil societies, political parties and tribal bodies in the state, with some of them welcoming the move and others seeking a clarity on the mode of operation.