JCPI decries to the Government for non implementation of ILP in Dimapur

Dimapur, September 5, (NE): The Joint Committee for Protection of Illegal immigrants (JCPI) has been crying hoarse since August last year that the whole state needs to be covered with ILP to prevent more influx of suspected illegal Bangladeshi immigrants into the state of Nagaland in the light of the NRC fallout in Assam but even after more than a year, the government is yet to take bold and decisive steps.

When the time for CAB approaches, we’ll talk about it was said by the Government, but as of now the government failed to do any concrete steps.

In this regard, the JCPI asks the Government of Nagaland to take the following steps immediately:

1. The Abhishek Committee on ILP has already submitted its report to the government in February this year. One of the points is with regard to Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) on ILP/BEFR, which is along the lines of Mizoram government notification.

2. The government should not waste any more time and start implementing the Abhishek Committee findings. The SOP on ILP/BEFR should give more teeth to the government to identify and deport the Lakhs of ILP holders (mostly Bangladeshis) inside the ILP zones of the state – the hill districts – who have set up commercial activities and taken up residency on permanent basis.

The ILP is only a pass to enter the state for a short or temporary period of time and does not give outsiders the right to engage in commercial activities.

The JCPI, therefore has reminded that only Indigenous people can live, work and earn in ILP zones and all these ILP holders engaging in trading and commercial activities is illegal. Except for bonafide central and state government servants/PSU employees/bank officials, tourists on visit, etc., all ILP holders –cum – traders should be identified and their valid ILP cancelled and deported from the districts.

3. The exercise to identify ILP holders in the hill districts who have misused their passes to engage in commercial transactions and businesses DOES NOT require the RIIN exercise to be completed. The RIIN exercise is primarily to enumerate the indigenous population in the state so that ILP is effectively implemented in Dimapur district.

4. While the RIIN exercise is underway and should be expedited, the government should IMMEDIATELY declare Dimapur as an ILP zone in view of the publication of NRC in Assam.

The JCPI said is puzzled as to why this is so difficult when the former Governor PB Acharya himself said that Dimapur should come under ILP?

5. Lastly, ILP or no ILP the government should IMMEDIATELY set up checkpoints at all the entry points along the entire Disputed Area Belt.

The JCPI is forced to make the declaration that if the full scope of the Abhishek Committee findings is not unleashed for implementation, the stakeholders will be forced to rise to the occasion. In this regard the CSOs and student bodies in all the districts should be ready for any eventuality, a notification said.