JAC writes to ACS for corrective measures and address public grievances

Kohima, May 21 (NE): The Joint Action Committee (JAC) on COVID-19 Peren district on behalf of the Civil societies, Church and religious bodies and the public submitted a letter to the Additional Chief Secretary and Finance Commissioner cum Convenor of Empowered Group representating vis-a-vis COVID-19 in Peren district on the grievances of the public.

The JAC consisting of representatives from all the Civil societies, Church Associations or Religious Bodies, Student Organisations, Women and Youth organisations, Village Chairman Union, GB Association and Ward Chairmen Union of towns under Peren district is acting as a representative of the people of the district to co-ordinate with government Agencies and to assist the District Administration in COVID-19 related matters to bring about smooth handling and safe relocation of stranded persons for the safety of the denizens of the district.

Peren district though small in its size of population is abound with vulnerabilities in such pandemic due to its porous borders with different states and also looking at the statistic of the number of returnees from different states of the country and particularly from Red zones, the JAC expressed serious concerns and requested on the following points for immediate redressal:

Designated COVID-19 Hospital at Jalukie

The JAC appealed the authority to equip designated COVID hospital of the entire district at the earliest.

The committee said that the designated COVID-19 hospital at Jalukie Town was projected in the state report and in the news as being equipped with three ICU beds and three and three ventilators but it is not so in reality, the said COVID-19 hospital does not have even a single proper ICU bed except for a single bed recently located at the isolation ward and a portable small size ventilator which came attached to the ambulance. On top of these, the hospital does not have even an isolation ward, power backup and water supply. This under preparation of the designated hospital was reiterated time and again by various organisations to the concerned authority and the department but to no avail. The reality in Peren district is that we still don’t have a hospital fit to handle even a single serious case of COVID should such a case arise in the district, the committee added.

Forcing the village authorities to use village facility for Institutional Quarantine

The JAC appealed the concern authority to initiate corrective measures at the earliest before the pandemic runs out of hand in the district.

The JAC stated that among the First batch of Returnees from Guwahati (Red Zone) on May 16, 2020, majority of them were sent home for Home Quarantine inspite of standing SOP for mandatory institutional quarantine for 14 days. The second batch of Returnees on May 18, 2020 were sent to respective villages for institutional quarantine at village facilities against the will of village authorities who had expressed their unwillingness in writing to the concerned authority fearing compromise of the safety and the inability to maintain protocols of the centre. The cited instances clearly depicted the callous handling of Returnees by the concerned authorities in the district deviating from the government SOP endangering the lives of citizens of the the district. The committee said that enough time was at hand to prepare the COVID facilities and the JAC volunteered to assist the authorities in preparing and running such facilities at different sub division headquarters. But to our dismay the adequate institutional facilities could not be ready on time compelling the authority to adopt such unsafe practices of quarantine. Therefore, should COVID-19 cases arise from such unsafe facilities, responsibility will fall on the District Administration.

The JAC further mentioned that it is ready to assist the authority at any call in correcting the flaws of the district.