Is it time for Nagaland to learn from Guwahati or New Delhi happenings?

Dimapur, November 4 (NE): Time has come to learn from different places like the recent news from Guwahati (Assam) and New Delhi, which was a National headline pertaining to air pollution especially through crackers, crop burning etc.

Due to tensed conditions in Nagaland this time, crackers were strictly prohibited by Government of Nagaland so as to avoid unwanted situation in any cause. Yes, every year it is no doubt, strict warnings are issued by the Government; but, one use to witness crackers especially at night -but not this time.

Yet, Nagaland’s own biggest festivals are to come very shortly – can the Government issue similar parameters for a healthy environment and not just for security issues?

There are various reasons to go green, rather bring wrath on environment. There are few organizations including individuals who take keen interest for a safer environment – the steps to observe a pollution free environment should be a welcome step when the central government have initiated to even ban plastic use in any campus.
Likewise, not just avoiding noise pollution but eco friendliness must be a subject to avoid many visits to the doctors, if only taken seriously when the opportunities are currently available.

Learning and simply forgetting will lead to a hazardous lifestyle infront. The best is to accept a fact that places like in question will be paid very badly non other than its citizens only.

It is pertinent to note that the time is still there for Nagaland state by loving and respecting mother nature by simply learning the art of living peacefully in every angle.