Inspiring Change: Free Coaching Classes For NPSC, UPSC & Dept. Exams At Noklak

Inspiring Change: Free Coaching Classes For NPSC, UPSC & Dept. Exams At Noklak
(Free coaching class for UPSC, NPSC & other exams underway at Noklak)

Noklak, February 10 (NEx): Free Coaching Classes for aspirants of NPSC, UPSC and other departmental exams started at Noklak last Thursday at the SP office conference hall, Noklak by a team of mentors including the SP of Noklak Dr. Pritpal Kaur IPS, Yithachu EAC Noklak, Dr. Suhas (45 AR), and Ankit from banking sector.

The SP Noklak, Pritpal Kaur IPS who initiated the classes, informed that the classes are taken during the morning hours from 6:00 am to 10:00 am, so that teachers and students can go for their work/job on time after classes. So far, around 30 aspirants have already registered for the free coaching classes which is likely to run for 5-6 months, she added.

Besides the free classes, the SP and team provides study materials, books and conduct regular tests for students. The SP going beyond the call of duty and being a good samaritan, utilises her salary for the books and said that she had ordered more books for the students which will reach her in some days. Also, 20 books were contributed by Mrs. Muchiam Haiying, she informed.

Last year, Dr. Pritpal Kaur while posted in Tuensang as SDPO, conducted similar coaching in the district with teachers from Tuensang police and Tuensang administration, whereby 7 students have cleared their NPSC prelims exam this year and will be writing the mains.

‘Empowered students makes empowered society’- SP Noklak, Dr. Pritpal Kaur:

Empowered students makes empowered society. Students everywhere deserves equal opportunity, hence we taught of teaching interested candidates for different departmental exams like UPSC/NPSC/SSC/CAPF/ Bank exams/State level departmental exams. The Students are very talented here but financial constraints and lack of opportunities creates hurdles in the path to success, the SP stated.

‘Inspiring to achieve dreams’ – EAC Noklak, Yithachu:

The EAC Noklak, Yithachu in a candid conversation informed NagalandExpress that he joined the initiative to share his experiences to the students. He said that they are trying to impart the lessons that they have learnt, the experiences that they have gone through and not only on the subject matter but mentoring the youngsters to work hard and achieve their dreams.