India dreams high through Naga final settlement: The realities

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, November 27 (NE): India is a big nation, having second largest population in the world today – it is to overcome China atleast after a decade, as per the practical estimation goes. Yet, putting North East India, particularly through the current Naga Peace Talks (as is the oldest issue in history of modern India goes), there is no report for the honorable Prime Minister (PM) of India to visit during the upcoming Hornbill Festival 2019 at Kohima.

The media fraternity in Nagaland too is awaiting for any information on this regard, as the PM had said he will come with a package or so. The Naga Solution is very important as well as crucial for entire North East India including India as a whole particularly due to a fact that as key role to explain in the world, every thing is alright in India and to seek a sit in the permanent body under United Nations (UN), eventually. The hot seat, for India is honorable but back in North East India is a big concern as a whole.

The deal here is not complete – as every project is being targeted through what is now known as Act East – where everything is being focus on this very line from A to Z of projects one can think of. Nagaland including North East India has enough strains for one can reason out – from setting up a mere shop, to a big show room; from a mere project to another big program including projects (without mentioning any) is all disastrous – for Northeast Indian citizens can say if one ask for, in any hook or street; with even different styles of politics being prevailed. What one can ask for more; but with such politics of shorts will only hamper in every strata to say straight.

Politics from the capitals of respective Northeastern states to New Delhi – the capital of India will be no different, if being run wisely, instead of the then Britishers who have left India many decades back. In this way, the citizens of North East can contribute more in being as a citizen of the country with honor & pride. Nagaland including North East India needs India and vice versa, like wise, it is the duty as a nation to rule, which is upright.

It will be worth waiting to see what adject outcome will be in particularly for Nagaland, when any informations are issued from Government of India in any level or are simply to be extended, of which the reason will be best known to Government of India including other stakeholders as a party.

But, it is pertinent to note that the current ensuing final settlement talks – the officials including others are having parleys in various levels for an honorable solution to come, concerning every one in the board, according to reliable information received here.