Importance of Social Media imparted at Nito Theological College, Zunheboto

Importance of Social Media imparted at Nito Theological College, Zunheboto

Kohima, March 12 (NEx): A talk on the Importance of Social Media was imparted at Nito Theological College, Zunheboto on Thursday, March 11th, 2021, by social activist, Vitoka Aye as a guest speaker, in the evening session of the Ministerial Service which is underway from March 3rd, 2021.

In his speech, Vitoka Aye quoted Dave wallis, “Don’t use social media to impress people ; use it to impact people” and said that social media plays an important role in today’s digital era in our day to day life. He said that social media helps to connect people accross the globe, develop relationship within families , friends, far and near and also gives easy access to information.

Vitoka Aye mentioned that, as per the internet source, Facebook alone has over 1.2 billion Monthly active users, twitter has over 1 billion and Instagram over 300 million users. While analysing social media platforms, he said, Facebook has 71%, Youtube 74%, Twitter 23%, and Instagram 38% and 57% of people relaying news and headlines on Facebook. He also said that there are over 200 million whatsapp users in India and every day more then one billion people connect with each other using social media and has completely changed the way people communicate.

While stressing on the importance of social media, he said that time factor is very important for all the active users. He said that excessive use of social media causes depression, stress, sleeplessness and also affect family relationships and even personal career, therefore, he urged the congregation to use it judiciously for personal benefits and for the society.

He further said that social media users in Nagaland, mostly the youths are engaged in negative criticism and said that negative criticism alone would not take a society forward and that people need to create a positive environment in the social media platforms. Aye also stressed on the need to learn to acknowledge and appreciate other’s efforts when anyone genuinely works for a social cause.

He also informed that, to create a positive environment in social media platforms, he started a small initiative by writing an Appreciation Letter to give recognition and acknowledgment to encourage people who genuinely works for the public.

He also said that people should use God’s wisdom to protect themselves from anti social elements and added that, a Theologian or God’s servants should explore and spread the gospel message even through social media to reach out to people.