“I will never give up praising Jesus with the voice that he blessed me” – Aszo Chang

Kohima, February 28 (NE): Longkongnungso Chang (Aszo Chang Naga) shares on the video of his debut English gospel song “Most beautiful God” which he wrote in 2014, a journey of hardship in pursuit of chasing his dreams.

Aszo, son of Tinochungshi Chang Naga and Naong Longpang Chang Naga of Tuensang, is the eldest of 3 boys and 4 girls. Currently, Aszo is staying in West Bengal, Siliguri, working as a Missionary Teacher, sent by the local Church- Tuensang Town Baptist Church (TTBC). He is one of the breadwinner in the family.

Aszo sharing about his debut song: ‘My new song “Most beautiful God” was written in the year 2014, however, due to financial problems I could not make it to the studio since I was in the Theological college (DBC ,Dimapur: Nagaland) and my parents could not support me for the music career.

But I never give up and prayed to God that one day I would release at least one song and finally the Lord opened a door for me last year 2019, so I rewrote and completed the song by sending the lyrics all the way to USA for grammatical checking and for proper sentence construction, after which, I approached the studio and completed the recording’.

Sharing about his life: ‘My mom dedicated me to be in the ministry of the Lord when I was in her womb. Her one prayer was among the Ten thousand missionaries that was promised by Nagaland, she wants me to be one among them. By the Grace of God today her prayers has been answered as I am involved in the ministry. I am called and chosen and ordained by my Lord Jesus Christ who gave Himself for me on the Cross and I am blessed and honoured to be an ambassador of Christ’.

Speaking to NagalandExpress, Aszo shares about his journey as a musician:
‘When I was 14, I started writing songs in my local dialect (Chang), since my mom and dad are daily wagers without any proper jobs, it was really hard for me to see myself everyday saying you are poor, you can’t do it and there is no hope to your passion and dreams. Those were the lies that kept me back and locked me inside, pulling down all the passion and dreams that I once committed. However, my God is faithful and good to me. Even though my family couldn’t afford guitar or any musical instruments for me, I never gave up the passion that i have for music. Music runs in my blood, rhyming with my heartbeat that I beat for the dreams that once I committed’, added Aszo.

‘When I told my parents that I wanted to record a gospel song, so I can’t be sending money as I was doing before, my parents said if you spent money in your recording then how about your brothers and sisters since you are the only one that earns a bit. So there was no way for me to get a support from my family, but my parents always prayed for me that they still want me to achieve the dream even though they are sorry for not being able to help me financially. My parents were always there telling me to sing for the Lord and to give my best’, he said.

His first English gospel song “Most beautiful God” is recorded at “JHC RECORDS” Dimapur, Nagaland, produced by Jongma H Oung Chang, Videographer and Editor- Achet Lkr and Make up Artist- Alem H Oung Chang.

‘Since I started my music career, I will never give up praising my Lord Jesus Christ with the voice that He blessed me. I want to be a worship leader some day so I will keep writing, composing and recording my own songs. Please pray for me as you all can see me chasing to achieve my dreams but this I believe, with you I can reach up there one fine day’- unquote.

Aszo also thanked all the friends and families and sponsors for their support & help on this project.