HWC Naga United Village Promoting Herbal Plants Found Locally: A New Perspective

HWC Naga United Village Promoting Herbal Plants Found Locally: A New Perspective

Dimapur, March 06 (NEx): Health and Wellness Centre at Naga United Village 4th mile, has initiated a new idea to dedicate an area for herbal garden in its premises with plants of medicinal value.

Located at 4th mile, Near C Edge College, the HWC Naga United Village staff led by the CHO began planting few species of plants which has medicinal values on February 16, 2021.

The initiative was taken up by the Community Health officer (CHO) Atahulu Tetseo who set up a Herbal Garden in the HWC, which is home to several species of medicinal plants, including Peppermint, Aloe Vera, neem, Tulsi, lemon, betal nut plant( reduce Diabetes).

(Herbal Garden at HWC Naga United Village)

The CHO informing NagalandExpress said, “I have some medicinal plants in my kitchen garden and it was recently that I thought of starting this initiative in the Health & Wellness Centre”.

She added that the goal behind this initiative is to create awareness among the public to understand the values of medicinal plants which are locally available at home.

She also said that she just shared the concept with her mother and staffs who immensely helped her in successful plantation of the plants at the HWC and assured that more plants will be added in the garden. The space was used for maize plantation before her initiative of the herbal garden, she said.

The objective is to educate and to create a relaxed and pleasant ambiance for patients, staff & attendants, to recognize public health facilities & standard protocols of cleanliness, sanitation & peaceful environment which lead to positive health outcomes, Tetseo said.

Mentioning the uses of the few plants in the herbal garden, Tetseo informed that Tulsi is used as green tea for physical fitness, Aloe vera used as an anti fungal & for healing burns, Peppermint is used as a paste for anti allergy while Lemon is a natural source of vitamin C and Neem is good for skin.

Appreciating the concept, the Health Minister S Pangnyu Phom tweeted, “Promoting medicinal plants found in local areas, the staff of H&WC, Naga United have initiated a herbal garden. Valuable medicinal plants such as Peppermint, Aloe Vera, Neem, Tulsi, lemon & others are grown. I commend the officers and the staff for coming up with this idea”.