Huge quantity IMFL and banned drugs worth 20 lakh destroyed at Wokha

(Huge quantity IMFL and banned drugs worth 20 lakh destroyed at Wokha today | Photo: DIPR)

Kohima, February 3 (NE): Huge quantity of seized IMFL and banned drugs worth 20 lakh was seized and destroyed on Sunday, February 2, 2020 at Wokha Town council dumping site (SALI AREA) in the presence of JMFC, Wokha, Assistant Public Prosecutor, District Administration, SDPO Wokha, Prosecuting Inspector & staff, Dobashi Department of Information and Public Relations and Lotha Eloe Hoho.

The destroyed illegal consignment includes:

1) M/C Rum 2952 bottles & 63 Cases Rum

2) Whisky (O/C Blue) 365 bottles.

3) Blenders Pride 81 bottles

4) Vodka 79 bottles

5) Imperial Blue 122 Bottles

6) Beer 1782 canes & 50 cases of beer

7) 172 bottles of Breezer (250 mio).

The seized consignment was confiscated on several occasions by Wokha Police and Assam Rifles. In this connection different cases were registered under relevant Section of Law and the accused were arrested and booked for further inquiry for onward action to be initiated against the defaulters.

As per the application for pre-trial destruction from PI Court, Wokha in connection of GR.NO.72/19,73/19,07/20, 04/20 the destruction was carried our accordingly, said a notification from DIPR on Monday, February 3, 2020.