Hornbill Music Festival 2019 started at 4th mile Agri Expo on December 1, 2019

Dimapur, December 2 (NE): Nagaland minister for housing and mechanical, Tongpang Ozukum, officially launched the 10 days – Hornbill Music Festival 2019 (HMF) on December 1, at 4th mile Agri Expo.

He also said that this event creates the platform for naga musicians as well as from different places of India and abroad to bring under one platform to showcase their talent.

Nagas are so talented and gifted in music, we can attract the attention of musical world and considering the potential of our youth in music, the government of Nagaland has created the music dance force 3 years back in order to promote and encourage naga musicians and naga music.
Promoting the naga music and giving platform to the naga musician
The present PDA government see the importance of music to make it a professional.

And inorder to be inclusive the PDA government has re-branded music task force into the Task Force for Music & Arts (TAMFA) under the able leadership of Theja Meru Nagaland Advisor of Music task force (MTF) supporting the youngsters in music.

He also advised naga people to take up music seriously not only as a hobby.

HMF 2019 is organized by Task Force For Music and Arts (TaFMA) and Live Now Events.