Home Department issues additional guidelines for Taxis and Auto rickshaws

Home Department issues additional guidelines for Taxis and Auto rickshaws

Kohima, June 13 (NEx): The Home Department, Government of Nagaland permitted the plying of taxis and auto rickshaws on ODD-EVEN basis on June 9th, however, additional measures are issued so that the District Task Forces can streamline the system for the safety of both the driver and the passenger(s).

The Principal Secretary, Home, GoN, Abhijit Sinha IAS notified that Taxis and auto rickshaws are permitted to operate with a maximum of 2 (two) passengers only without any passenger in the front seat. If any passenger is found not wearing mask, the offender and the driver of the taxi/auto rickshaw shall be fined an amount of Rs. 200/- each, he said.

The notification also said that as far as possible, the driver of the taxi or the auto rickshaw should disinfect the frequently touched areas such as door knobs, door handles etc. after every trip, and should compulsorily keep hand sanitizer in the vehicle.

The department also notified that all the drivers coming into contact with the public may be vaccinated at the earliest as per criteria of the Government of India, and pending complete vaccination, they should carry COVID-19 negative test result valid upto 15 days. The production of negative COVID-19 test report by the driver may be from any of the tests -RAT/RTPCR/TrueNat/CBNAAT and testing shall be free of cost. However, a driver who has a full vaccination certificate, the COVID-19 negative test result may not be required, it said.

If the driver completely isolates himself by putting a plastic barrier/ sheet in the vehicle between the driver and the passenger, the driver of such a vehicle may be exempted from the requirement of carrying COVID-19 test report. However, mingling and overcrowding with other drivers and crowding at the taxi/ auto rickshaw stand(s) should be avoided, it notified.

The department also said that any driver showing COVID-19 like symptoms such as fever, cough, cold, loss of smell/ taste, diarrhoea etc., should immediately isolate and get tested.

Further, it advised the Deputy Commissioners & Chairmen, District Task Forces on COVID-19 to immediately take steps for ensuring adherence to the given additional guidelines.