H&FW Dept. Directs Healthcare Workers To Effectively Discharge Their Duties

H&FW Dept. Directs Healthcare Workers To Effectively Discharge Their Duties

Kohima, June 15 (NEx): In view of the surge in COVID-19 cases and for effective management of COVID-19 pandemic, the Principal Director, Health & Family Welfare, Dr. Neikhrielie Khimiao directed all healthcare workers in various health units/ establishments to sincerely & effectively discharge their job functions and responsibilities.

He directed them to timely report requirement of essential medicines and other logistics to prevent stock out and ensure uninterrupted supply and also not to leave the station without permission of the undersigned and to report all cases of Influenza Like Illness (ILI)/ Severe Acute Respiratory Illness (SARI) or any clustering of cases or unusual events.

Further, the PD also reminded that no leave is permissible unless on health ground duly recommended by the Medical Board and said that any non- compliance/ contravention of the above mentioned directives shall be dealt swiftly with disciplinary actions.

He also directed all healthcare workers under various health units to report to the respective Controlling Officer as per the provisions of the Epidemic Act 1987 & (Amendment) 2020, for any instances by any person for obstruction or hindrance in the discharge of his/her duties either within the premises of health center or otherwise.

The HCWs are to report for harassment impacting the living or working conditions and preventing him/her from discharging duties, and harm, injury, hurt, intimidation or danger to him/her life. Also, loss or damage to any property to documents in the custody of, or in relation to him/her.

Further, the PD informed all Health Committees of various health centres and Hospital Management Society of District Hospitals to discharge their responsibility as mandated under the Nagaland Communitisation of Public Institutions and Services Act, 2002/ Society Bye Laws respectively.

Accordingly, khimiao directed all Health Committees/Hospital Management Society to look after the overall health needs of the residents under their jurisdiction as well as management of the respective health units including to supervise, direct, guide and support the Health Centre staff in the effective discharge of their job functions and responsibilities.

He also directed to address any public grievances relating to functioning of the health centre and healthcare services and to report unauthorized absence of any staff to the Principal Director, Health & Family Welfare.

(With inputs from DIPR)