Gujarat to follow Nagaland’s Amur Falcon conservation model

Dimapur, February 5 (NE): After poaching of birds is found rampant at Nagaland, a National renowned team from Wildlife Institute of India (WII) got connected with the public of Nagaland where Shri R Suresh Kumar, who is part of the Amur Falcon project in Nagaland said in a national newspaper recently: “After we realized that the falcons were being hunted in large numbers, we began satellite-tagging them.” The birds were also given a local name, that of a village in the vicinity, to instill a sense of ownership among the people. Kumar said that when the birds returned, villagers were able to track their movements.

According to an information from national media, the locals began conserving the falcons and poaching has reduced. The interesting part begins, the state of Gujarat after seeing the great success of conserving Amur Falcons, where international attention has also been received, wants to imply on its state likely soon. As per a media report, a senior officer from the Gujarat forest department said that the same model will be used in Nalsarovar. Flamingos and other migratory birds will be tagged, and the birds will be named after villages or the most respected persons in the villages. The department is hopeful that this will help in conservation efforts, it said.

A senior officer further said that tagging will also help the department to learn about bird migrations. He said that in the case of Amur falcons, they travelled from Nagaland to Africa and back every year. Amur Falcon also passes through Gujarat to finally reach Nagaland and travels further.