Greetings from NIIT, Dimapur on Ananta Chaturdashi

Dimapur, September 11, (NE): The NIIT Dimapur Center greets all the Jains on the occasion of the Ananta Chaturdashi on September 12, which is being celebrated after the culmination of the celebration of ten Dharmas i.e. Forgiveness, Humility, Simplicity, Inner-Healing, Truth, Austerity, Meditation, Detachment & Celibacy.

In a press release, the Center wish that the monks who are fasting completely for thirtytwo days (except one time water a day) & the Jains who are fasting for sixteen and ten days for World Peace may observe their respective fast without any hurdles.

Classes at the NIIT center will remain suspended on Thursday the September 12, 2019, it informed.