Govt. Propose to Requisition & Designate CIHSR Dimapur as COVID Hospital

Govt. Propose to Requisition & Designate CIHSR Dimapur as COVID Hospital

Kohima, May 13 (NEx): The Principal Director of Health & Family Welfare, Dr. Neikhrielie Khimiao in a letter to the Principal Secretary to the govt of Nagaland proposed for requisition & designation of CIHSR Dimapur as COVID-19 Hospital on May 12th, 2021.

He mentioned that the District Hospital Dimapur having a total capacity of 100 beds with 18 ICU beds capacity of District Hospital Dimapur has been overwhelmed due to the exponential increase in confirmed cases requiring hospitalization.

Out of the 3656 cases in the State since Jan 2021, 60% of cases were from Dimapur. The Weekly Covid-19 Hospital Admissions and Sample Positivity Rate is 124 and 50% respectively with 12 deaths in the first week of May, 2021 in Dimapur.

The PD highlighted that Hospital Bed Occupancy Rate is at 91% as on May 10th 2021. As per the projection at Peak for the 2nd Wave of the Pandemic, the Bed Requirement and status of Bed Availability in Dimapur is as follows as on May 10th, 2021:

The government reserved at least 50% of beds in private hospitals with In-patient and ICU facilities, however, as on date except for Faith Hospital with 24 beds comprising of 10 Oxygen Supported Bed and 14 ICU beds, the remaining private
hospitals are yet to come on-board citing various reasons, Khimiao informed.

It was also informed that ClHSR has earmarked a total of 62 beds for Covid-19 Cases comprising of 23 Covid-19 Beds without Oxygen Support, 21 Oxygen Supported Beds and 18 ICU beds. The Covid beds in both hospitals are nearing saturation, the PD said.

The CIHSR being a PPP between three partners- Nagaland State Government, Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA), Delhi and Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore and is a major benefactor of public funding for various infrastructure development.

Further, the land and the then existing infrastructure was developed by the State Government and revamping of the facility at the time of commencement of the PPP was also funded by the State Government. Over the years, through the State Government the lnstitute has received grants for setting up Nursing College, Paramedical Institute and also the recently approved Cardiac Centre.

In view of the evolving situation, the Health department proposed the Government for consideration on the following points:

*To requisition and designate the CIHSR as Covid-19 Hospital so as to increase the bed capacity for Covid-19 patients from the present 62 beds to 200.

*Private hospitals have been permitted to charge Covid patients at a reasonable rate. However, the revenue generated from the treatment of Covid-19 patients may not be sufficient to meet the
operational expenses. Therefore, in case of any deficit, the State Government may provide the Gap Funding for sustainability of the hospital.

*To supplement logistic requirement such as Oxygen supply, life saving equipments including ventilators and Personal Protective Gears as per requirement subject to availability with the department.

*To designate some senior officers at the Government and Directorate level as Nodal Officers to coordinate with ClHSR.

*HCWs under CIHSR who have rendered at least 100 days on COVID-19 duty shall be eligible to compete in the special recruitment drive for Covid-19 Warriors for regular Government appointments
through the respective recruitment bodies- NPSC, NSSB or Departmental Recruitment Board.

*All HCWs under CIHSR on Covid duty to be covered under the Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Package (PMGKP) Insurance Scheme for health workers fighting Covid-19 as well as under the Ex-Gratia Grant for fatalities to FLW due to COVID- 19 of the State Government.

*All HCWs under CIHSR on Covid duty rendering for minimum 100 days of Covid duty and complete it successfully will be eligible for the Prime Minister’s Distinguished Covid National Service Samman from Government of India. Similarly, distinguished COVID-19 Warriors to be given the State
Awards. Preference for undergoing further studies will be given to HCWs who have rendered at least 100 days on COVID-19 duty and have qualified the entrance examination.

*HCW under CIHSR on COVID-19 duty requiring isolation to prevent the risk of transmission due to the nature of work, shall be entitled to free accommodation arranged by the hospital and Rs. 300/- per head per day during the period of isolation.

*All HCWs in public health facilities who are in engaged directly in clinical management of confirmed covid-19 cases including those involved in collection of samples, Risk Allowance as per existing Government policy.

*Any HCW under CIHSR who contract COVID-19 while on COVID-19 duty shall be entitled for medical re-imbursement for the expenditure incurred for the treatment.

*To setup a Make-Shift hospital in the ClHSR campus to prepare for any undue surge in Covid-19 cases.