Govt partially lifts ban on import of pigs into Nagaland

Govt partially lifts ban on import of pigs into Nagaland

Kohima, September 16 (NEx): The department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary services, in a notification on September 15, 2020, partially lifted the ban on import of pigs with immediate effect for import of healthy and certified pigs from Punjab and Haryana except Assam, Arunachal and States having cases of African Swine Fever (ASF).

The notification came at the behest of the Ministry’s letter on July 22, 2020 to lift the restriction keeping in view the economic importance and demands of the farmers and market to ensure food supply without compromising bio-security and bio-safety, and the fact that there are no cases of African Swine Fever in the State of Nagaland as certified. Earlier, import of pigs into Nagaland from outside the state was banned on April 28, 2020, due to outbreak of ASF in neighbouring state Assam.

The following SOPs are being laid down for licence holders/transporters vide Government of Assam letter no. VFV269/2020/60 indicated below to be strictly adhered to:

-The transit animals are not disembarked in any place for any purpose within Assam.

-The vehicles do not have any stop over points within Assam unless it is of utmost necessity.

-No animal waste or animal carcass is thrown out of the vehicles of the transit route.

-Transit vehicles travelling through infected areas of ASF are to be disinfected at the exit point of the infected zone and the exit of the surveillance zone and the disinfection related costs will have to be borne by the transporter or the supplier.

Violation of the above mentioned SOPs shall lead to confiscation of the animals with fines as determined by the confiscating authority.

Record of each animal, animal transporter with license number and vehicle number, name of consignee, address of consignee is to be kept, at each inter- district checkposts and will be forwarded to the directorate of AH & veterinary Department Assam.

The transporters/license holder should report to the respective CVOs with details.