Govt issues advisory on non-COVID patients coming to Nagaland for treatment

Govt issues advisory on patients coming to Nagaland for treatment of Non-COVID illness

Kohima, July 24 (NEx): The Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Nagaland, in the interest of Public health, has issued the advisory on patients coming to Nagaland for treatment of Non-COVID health problems and to mandatorily observe the following parameters:

*To produce the following documents at the Point of Entry as well as at the Hospital:

(a) Negative COVID-19 Test report done by Real Time rt-PCR (Gold Test) of the patient as well as attendant(s).

(b) Acceptance Letter from the referring-in hospital i.e. the hospital where patient will be treated.

*Only one attendant per patient at a time will be allowed inside the ward during hospitalization.

*In the course of hospitalization, COVID-19 Testing by Rapid Antigen Test or by Truenat will be conducted in the following situations:

(a) Patient & their attendant(s) will be tested between 5th to 10th day of arrival.

(b) Pre-op investigation for patients undergoing aerosol generating surgical / non-surgical interventions.

NB: The cost of such tests will be paid by the patient fixed by the department from time to time.

*If any patient or their attendants(s) develops any sign/symptoms of ILI, SARI or COVID-19, the hospital shall immediately report to the District Surveillance Unit and such cases will be immediately kept in isolation till the Lab result is available. If tested positive of COVID-19, all such cases will be transferred to COVID Care Centre or COVID-19 Hospital, as the case may be.

*All patients and their attendant(s) shall wear face mask at all times and shall strictly adhere to all preventive measures.

*The hospital shall maintain a record on details of all patients and their attendant(s) from outside the State, which will be submitted weekly to the Chief Medical Officer.

*Call State Toll Free Health Helpline at 1800-345-0019 for any queries.

This is in exercise of the powers conferred by the Nagaland Epidemic Disease (COVID-19) Regulations, 2020, it added.