Governor RN Ravi greets on the occasion of Moatsü

Kohima, May 01 (NE): Nagaland Governor Shri R.N Ravi on the ocassion of one of the premier festivals of the Ao Naga, extended warm Moatsü greetings to all the people of Nagaland and to the Ao community in particular.

Moatsü provides the people a period of entertainment after the stressful field works, however, with the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic the Ao Senden has urged the community to observe the festival with a prayer from their respective homes asking for blessings from the Almighty.

An important teaching by the older men to the young people during the festival is to be bold and heroic to defend and protect the community from enemies, said the press release.

The Governor has pointed out that in these difficult times the most valiant act a person can do is to simply maintain ‘social distancing’ and adhere to the government guidelines.

The Governor further lauded the apex organisations and the people for being vigilant so far in all the recent festivals. He wished a very happy, meaningful and blessed Moatsü celebration as the people celebrate the festival at home with prayers, it added.