Government of Nagaland launches School Safety and Security Pledge

Government of Nagaland launches School Safety and Security Pledge

Kohima, September 25 (NEx): To assure the participation and accountability of all stakeholders, a School Safety Pledge was launched by the Government of Nagaland on September 23, 2020 at the Nagaland Civil Secretariat, whereby the teachers, parents and students together with the Heads of schools, pledged to ensure that the school is a Safe, Secure and happy place for all.

Stakeholders hold a crucial part in safeguarding the interest of the children and ensure School Safety. The School safety pledge will reflect the importance of the role that stakeholders play in ensuring a safe environment for their school.

School Safety further includes safety from Natural hazards, Human made risks, Pandemics, Violence, Fire and Environmental threats.

Quality Education can only be achieved through a multi-faceted approach and in this regard, School Safety is an integral part of ensuring it. In a broad term, School Safety has been defined as the creation of safe environments for children starting from their homes to their schools and back. This includes safety issues both inside and outside the school.

Another facet of School Safety inculcates issues of child protection and safeties that look at all forms of violence and deprivation that affect the physical and mental wellbeing of children. This Pledge together with the checklist for safety measures should reflect as a blueprint for schools to work towards creating a safe place for achieving quality education.