Four-lane project: Village councils forbid compensation claims

Four-lane project: Village councils forbid compensation claims
File photo of Dimapur-Kohima four lane road construction

Dimapur: The village councils of Purana Bazaar, Padumpukhri, Naharbari and Darogapathar have announced that their villages will not seek ‘any compensation’ from the state government in connection with the ongoing four-lane road construction.

The councils issued a joint statement on Monday signed by 21 GBs and members of the respective council. It stated that they have discussed about the “issue of the compensation by the so-called Land Owner Association, which is likely to hamper the construction of the road.”

Besides resolving not to claim compensation, it stated, the villagers will also not lodge any form of complaint “because the public needs development and have no regrets in sacrificing some few inches of land for developmental purposes.”

“It is also resolved that no individual will be allowed to represent the concerned villages (sic) in any form to any association or group to claim compensation or lodge any form of complaint that could hamper the progress of the construction of four-lane road within its jurisdiction,” it stated.

The councils resolved not to allow any organisation or association to hinder the ‘peaceful completion’ of the road within their jurisdictions.

(News Credit: Eastern Mirror)