First ever ‘Trout and Snail food festival’ held at Poilwa village, Peren district

(Video: Snails eating competition, during the festival)

Poilwa: The first ever ‘Trout and Snail food festival’ was held on June 9 at Poilwa village under Peren district.

The festival was organized by Poilwa Village Council with an objective to promote indigenous aquatic species of trout fish and snails which are found in abundance at Poilwa village.

It also aims to promote and develop Poilwa village into a tourist hub. Speaking on the occasion, Senior Tourist Officer, Peren, KelhouseĆ¼ said the festival would not only promote their indigenous food but also induce the flow of tourist in the village once the festival is made as an annual event.

She also urged the villagers to be the stakeholders in promoting and developing the village into a tourist village. Mentioned may be made that the trout fish is sparsely found in Nagaland, and Poilwa village is one such area where the fish is found in abundance.