First Cultural Day held at St. Joseph University, Dimapur today

Dimapur, October 31 (NE): The first Cultural Day has been organized today on October 31 at St. Joseph University (SJU) ground, Dimapur with Director, Indigenous Cultural Society, Nagaland, Dr. Hesheto Y. Chishi.

The chief guest warned that the traditional crafts from Nagaland are dying away due to coming of new technologies which includes choosing other professions among many reasons. Infact, cultures are also now become instinct. He emphasized to honor one’s culture, which showcases of being who we are.

Elaborating on cultural heritage, he said it has two parts and we have to value culture inorder to understand one’s historical facts and must have thirst for knowledge on culture.

Vice Chancellor, SJU, Dimapur, Dr. D. Gnanadurai gave the inaugural address including others from the University, which was followed by traditional shows.

Various cultural presentations through traditional songs and dances were also the highlights of the event.