False News: China Seeks Court Approval To Kill Over 20,000 Coronavirus Patients

Dimapur, February 7 (NE): The viral article ‘China Seeks Court Approval To Kill Over 20,000 Coronavirus Patients’ seems to be originated from a dubious website which has a history of publishing hoaxes and misinformation, said an international news media after a fact-check on this viral report, today, February Seven.

As per a notification it said that an article claiming China seeking court approval to kill over 20,000 patients who were infected by the deadly novel Coronavirus, is false and originates from a dubious website that has a history of peddling misinformation. The article by the website AB-TC, also known as City News, claimed that China’s highest court was expected to give a nod on Friday for the mass killing of Coronavirus patients in the country to halt the spread of the virus.

The website, which did not cite a single official Chinese source, claimed China had mentioned in a document that it may ‘lose its entire citizens if the few affected patients do not sacrifice their lives to save health workers and a billion others.’

Nagaland social media users are more prominent in forwarding messages through out the social media groups; Few social media users were seen to be heard that they are really concern as well praying for China at this hour. Various admins of those groups also could not verify the news.

Social media will no longer be safe, if the admins in particular, are not stringent to act as per Information Technology Act. However, the same news has been seen in other states Whatsapp groups also, where the traditional newspapers in India are also publishing so that the readers can be aware that anything which comes in as news has to be thoroughly fact-checked first.