Face mask and social distancing mandatory; DC Mon

Face mask and social distancing mandatory in Mon; Deputy Commissioner Mon

Kohima, July 03 (NEx): As per Government directive, the Deputy Commissioner of Mon, Thavaseelan K, IAS, reminded the general public of Mon Town that the use of face masks and maintaining social distancing is mandatory and also spitting in public places is strictly prohibited during this hour of pandemic.

Further the DC said that any individual found violating this norms shall be penalized with a fine of Rs 200/ – per offence.

Also, all the households/ business establishment are advised to collect their used PPE equipments (Masks, Gloves and Dresses) and incinerate it at a convenient place within their compounds or at a designated place in their wards, identified by the respective ward authorities.

DC notifies on home tuitions;

The DC of Mon Thavaseelan K, IAS said in an order that there have been instances, where some school teachers are still conducting home tuitions for the students at their private residences during the lockdown period. Such actions are in total contravention of the lockdown rules and regulations notified by the government and is strictly prohibited, it said.

The DC reiterated to immediately stop such practices and anyone found violating this order will be penalised under relevant provisions of the law.

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