Extortionist & habitual thieve arrested at Dimapur today

Dimapur, October 25, (NE): Today on October 25, Dimapur Police apprehended two persons namely (i)Mughaho Zhimo (47yrs)/ SS Under Secy. of NSCN (IM) of 3rd Mile, Dimapur (ii) Anito Chishi (35yrs)/ SS Liaison Officer (FGN) of Thilixu village Dimapur in connection with two separate cases related to extortion charges from the various transport agencies in Dimapur.
In this connection, two cases has been registered at Dimapur East Police Station for further investigation, said through a press release by Dimapur Police.

Again, today on October 25, Dimapur Police apprehended four persons from 3rd Mile, Dimapur and recovered/seized the following items from their possession :- (i) Two stolen M/Cycle B/Regd. No. U/R, Eng/No- JA06EJDGL16133 Chassis/No- BGA1431104 and another bearing Engine no. BGA1431104 (ii) contraband ganja – 100 grams (iii) LPG gas cylinder – 01 no.

The arrested accused were identified as (i) Nito Swu (22yrs) of Nunumi village, Zunheboto, P/Add- 3rd Mile,Dimapur (ii) Vituna Swu (19yrs) of Nunumi village, Zunheboto, P/Add-3rd Mile, Dimapur (iii) Kitoho Aye (24yrs) of Litsami village, Zunheboto, P/Add- Thilixu village Dimapur (iv) Vishika Achumi of Lazami village, Zunheboto.

In this connection, a case has been registered at Diphupar Police Station for further investigation.