ENSF demands for immediate suspension

Kohima, May 28 (NE): The Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF) demanded for immediate suspension of officer/person(s) concerned for dispatching the returnees of Tuensang District as per relevant section of law.

In a representation to the Chief Minister of Nagaland, ENSF expressed resentment to the Government for humanly discriminating the returnees of Eastern Nagaland and forcefully dispatching the returnees to Tuensang, alleging that the government has violated all SOP and protocols of COVID-19 issued by the competent authority. The government should be held sole responsibility in the event of outbreak of law & order and widespread infection, it said.

The Federation also place on record the discrimination shown to Eastern Nagaland during this Pandemic and also demanded the Government to immediately provide sufficient COVID-19 required equipment Ventilators, establishment of ICU, construction of quarantine centre and posting of manpower in all the Eastern Districts to combat the Pandemic.

Further, the Federation demanded that equal and manageable fund be re-allocated to all the Eastern Districts at the earliest, as the COVID-19 fund allocation on District wise by the Government is unjust and unfair which was found out during the Federation’s visit to all the Eastern Districts and tribal headquarters.

The Federation lauded the dedication and sacrifices of the front line workers consisting of District Administration, Medical Department, Police, Village Guards and all volunteers across Eastern Nagaland to combat the Pandemic despite lacking proper facilities. The sacrifices of the COVID-19 warriors of Eastern Nagaland is well appreciated by the people and the ENSF assured utmost cooperation.

The Federation reiterated that, with the policy of random dispatch of returnees from Kohima and Dimapur Quarantine Centres by the Government, the future of Eastern Nagaland has been put in a very dark, stake and dangerous position. It has always been kept at the receiving end by all the successive governments and the present condition of medical facilities and equipments available are in deplorable condition.

In the event of failure to respond positively by the Government, the Federation apprised to take democratic steps to safe the lives of the people and to which the Government will be held sole responsible for any eventualities, the ENSF stated.

The ENSF also demanded that the Government should issue actionable Office Memorandum and direct all its employees, particularly Head of the Department in the District to report to their respective place of posting within 3 days. Despite of the Office Memorandum being issued by the Chief Secretary, many officers have not reported to their place of District, it said.