Dzükou Valley and Pulie Badze declared Plastic Free Zone

Dzükou Valley and Pulie Badze
Pulie Badze and Dzükou Valley
Dzükou Valley and Pulie Badze declared Plastic Free Zone on World Environment Day (June 5)

The beautiful Dzükou Valley was declared Plastic Free Zone on World Environment Day(June 5).

The initiative was taken by Southern Angami Youth Organisation (SAYO) in accordance with its pledge to conserve and protect the environment.

Officially declared at Viswema village by Advisor Youth Resources and Sports, Zale Neikha, who also appreciated the SAYO and its volunteers for taking the initiative of cleaning the valley and making it possible as a plastic free zone.

Terming Dzükou valley as a tourist hotspot and one of the most sought destination in the state, he said the valley is an asset to the Nagas, which need to be preserved and protected. Neikha urged all the frontal organization in the region to take active participation in keeping the Dzükou valley clean and beautiful.

The Advisor also urged the concerned department to assist and take up developmental works in the valley which can create avenues for improvement of the economy at large.

Head of Department of Tourism, Akhale Khamo said Dzükou valley is not only a hotspot destination but also an educational institute for environment.

Stating that Dzükou valley has become the most visited place in the state, she stressed on the need to preserve the valley.

Meanwhile, SAYO President Zakeleto Tsükrü informed that to ensure strict rules of ‘plastic-free zone’, two entry points in southern Dzukou will be manned and a fine will be imposed to the defaulters as per the regulations laid by the organization.

Pulie Badze which is one of the most important watershed areas of Kohima district, was declared “Plastic Free Zone” on World Environment Day(June 5).

The initiative was undertaken by the Department of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Kohima Forest Division in collaboration with Jotsoma Nature Conservation and Ecotourism Committee and village functionaries of Jotsoma village.

To mark the occasion, cleanliness drive and plantation was carried out from the peak to the base camp.

The Department also distributed Eco Friendly waste bins, signboards and posters to the community