DSSU & SSUD condemns Chumukedima incident: Demands befitting punishment

Kohima, May 11 (NEx): The Dimapur Sumi Students’ Union (DSSU) and the Sangtam Students’ Union Dimapur (SSUD) condemned the physical assault on a minor by the Chumukedima village Youth on May 6th, 2021 and demanded befitting punishment to the culprits.

Dimapur Sumi Students’ Union Condemns:

The Dimapur Sumi Students’ Union (DSSU) in it’s press release said that it demurred the physical assault on the Victim, Mr. Lotsangkhyong, 17 yrs old on the fateful night of May 6th, 2021 and stated that no matter what the issue maybe, physical Assault, with no corroboration of transgression is itself a malversation.

Supporting the Dimapur Eastern Nagaland Students Union (DENSU), the DSSU stated that Chumoukedima is within the Administrative jurisdiction of Dimapur district and the DC has given official order of complete curfew from 6 pm till 5 am, which the Chumoukedima Village Youth Society has contravened by summoning the victims and his family to their office at night, also assembling Crowd during the “Second wave of Covid-19”, which has been engulfing many lives with continuous rising of positive cases.

Earlier, DENSU condemning the incident, said that Chumoukedima is within the administrative jurisdiction of Dimapur district and “With second wave of the Covid-19” there is a clear standing order from the office of DC imposing night curfew from 6pm till 5am in Dimapur and CVYS is not exempted from the said order. ‘Summoning a minor and family to their office at night and assembling crowd is a clear violation of DC’s standing order and therefore the officials and volunteers of CVYS should be liable to be booked for the same,’ a press release from DENSU said.

DSSU firmly stands upon the stated above Loopholes on the part of CVYS, and acknowledge their prayers upon the quick recovery of the Victim and stands for his family, the release said.

Sangtam Students Union Dimapur Condemns:

The Sangtam Students Union Dimapur (SSUD) vehemently condemned and denounced the barbaric and impetuous act by Chümukedima Village Youth Society (CVYS) towards the family of John Tsulise Sangtam, Secretary NPSC.

Wherein on the fateful night of May 6th, 2021, his two sons Mr. Hetsukiu Solomon and Mr. Lotsangkyong Alex were brutally and pitilessly beaten up infront of him by 20-30 youth members where the Father was left mercilessly pleading for his sons life and resulting to which Mr. Alex was seriously injured and was hospitalised at Olive Christian Hospital at the wee hours during this time pandemic situation’ being so intense, it said.

The Union decry such act of cowardice and pusillanimous behaviour in a civilized Naga Society and thus reprehend against those reprobates and urged all the right thinking citizens to objurgate such reprehensible behaviour and should not be tolerated in a civilized society. It also disapprove the undertaking and signing of any agreement/bond whereby the father had to sign it for the sake of his son’s life being in danger and moreover surrounded by furious and raged goons.

The Union reminded CVYS their statement ‘amicably settling’ on that fateful night under pressure directs high headedness and immature mentality of the leaders which is totally unexpected.

The Union said that it will no longer be a mere spectator against such inhuman treatment and behaviour towards any individuals and shall stand strongly against such actions. Such cruelty and reprehensive attitude is not the virtue of Nagas and is a shameful act, it said.

SSUD directed the concerned law enforcing authorities to investigate the matter and deliver justice at the earliest and also to reward a befitting punishment to the wrong doers according to the rule of law.

It also expressed solidarity and sympathy towards the victim and his family and pray for a speedy recovery.

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