Dr. Motsuo Memorial District Hospital, Wokha Declared as Tobacco Free Zone

Wokha, August 1: In the interest of Public health and with a view to keep the building and surrounding clean, the building, grounds and parking lot of Dr. Motsuo Memorial District Hospital, Wokha is declared as “Tobacco Free Zone” with immediate effect.

As such smoking, chewing and spitting of tobacco in the premises of the hospital are strictly prohibited and is a punishable offence. Use of all forms of tobacco products is prohibited within the hospital, buildings, grounds and parking lots at all time. Tobacco free incorporates all tobacco products such as cigarettes and smokeless tobacco including “Spit” tobacco and “E-cigarettes”.

All staff and patients who use tobacco and family members who expose patients to tobacco smoke in the home are offered support to quit. No tobacco advertising or sponsorship is allowed on the premises. No tobacco products can be sold on the faculty premises. Any violation of this policy is a punishable offence with a fine up to Rs.200/- as per Cigarettes & Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) Law. Patients, visitors and staff are informed of the Tobacco-Free Policy through informative pamphlets and sign boards posted throughout the building, grounds and parking lots. Therefore all concerned share responsibility for adhering in enforcing this policy.

News Source: DPRO, Wokha