DNSU urges Govt for strict regulations in legalising liquor sale or amend & vitalise the NLTP Act

The Dimapur Naga Students Union (DNSU) urges Govt for strict regulations in legalising liquor sale or amend & vitalise the NLTP Act

Dimapur, October 09 (NEx): Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU) urged the state government and all its stakeholders to thoroughly study the boon and bane of NLTP Act 1989. The union is of the opinion that it is high time the State Government either bring some strict regulations in legalising the sale of liquor or to amend and vitalise the Act.

The DNSU in a press release on October 09, appreciated the 5 Assam Rifles for the swift action and efforts in busting a liquor bottling plant at 7th mile on September 02 and seizing huge quantities of liquor from 5th mile on September 29. It stated that the prompt action and pervasive effort during these occasions has helped in cracking down illegal activities operating in plenty which is a serious threat to the society if allowed to continue uncurbed.

In the former case, the Union said that the main accused is still absconding and this poses huge threat for the public if the culprit is not nabbed at the earliest, and urged the concerned authority to take note. Meanwhile, the arrested persons should be booked and penalized under relevant sections of the law and in the most befitting manner, it said.

The Union stated that it has exposed the incompetency and lax of the Excise Department, also the nodal enforcement department of the Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act, 1989. It points towards the negligence on the part of the department in performing their duties by allowing such activities to continue unnoticed. Even with the NLTP Act in full enforcement, it has failed to be implemented in essence, the Union alleged.

On this line, many illegal liquor outlets are fearlessly present in every nook and corner day and night in the city. The Union as a responsible body has unabashedly, on a couple of occasions, acted as a law enforcing agency and busted some illicit entrepreneurs and on several occasions constrained the law enforcement authorities to do the same. But these promising illicit entrepreneurs shows no sign of fright towards the toothless law which seldom bites and even if it did, it hardly left any scratches on their resilient toughened skins. Despite the Act, the flow of Liquor in our state is at such pace and abundance, one can supposedly presume, that every river and streams in Nagaland may dry up one day but liquor in Nagaland will continue to flow, it added.

Reaffirming that change is inevitable, the Union said that one must compromise for the greater good of the society and the future or else impotent laws will only invite more evil than good, more death than lives, more criminals than law abiding citizens. The Union mentioned that it is seriously disturbed by how, without any regulations, the illegal flow and sale of liquor is affecting the people including the younger generation and the students community even before attaining the age of maturity. Despite prohibition, the impact of liquor on our people is such that it has left many families broken, lives shortened, domestic violence increased, calibre of the youths damaged and also left many of our mothers confined in tears and dejection.

Meanwhile, the Union once again warned all the illegal liquor sellers in the city that it will not remain silent or compromise with the illegal activities being carried out, and also urged the concerned authority to work with more diligence and seriousness.