DNSU appeals private schools & colleges for concession of school fees

DNSU appeals private schools and colleges for concession of school fees

Kohima, May 18 (NE): Dimapur Naga Students Union on May 18, 2020, appealed all private schools and colleges to give concession of fees to students.

The union stated that, with the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, majority of citizens are at distress mentally, physically and financially, such that, it is the moral and social obligation of every sensible citizens to understand the situation and hardships of our fellow citizens on humanitarian ground.

The union requested private schools and colleges to ponder and take this appeal with utmost importance by taking the grievances of common people into consideration.

The union warning about some private agencies approaching schools and colleges to collect the names names names and money from students on the pretext of filling pretext of filling up scholarship forms, reminded that, the Ministry of Minority affairs are yet to give directives to fill up the scholarship forms.

Further, the Union directed the erring agencies to approach the office of the Dimapur Students’ Union and sign the undertaking to take complete responsibility on any discrepancies in the due course of executing the duty on scholarship.

It also stated that, there was some technical issues in the past related to agencies and scholarship which had created havoc in between the students and agencies. The union strictly warned those responsible agencies to take proper precautionary measures before taking up the task.